MM’s Testimonial

You, my friend, are a wizard!  I came home yesterday, napped for an hour, but still felt a little tired. Went to bed about 11 pm, and slept the best I have in years!  Didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. The hardest I’ve slept in a very long time.  I feel so much better today!  Thank you! 

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J.H.’s Testimonial

Hello Mary, Just wanted to let you know today’s TX was the best yet. Low back pain was interrupting my ability to stand this morning and it’s gone. Bruised rib cage is so much better. Completely different afterwords from prior apts. Thank you again. J

Z.R.’s Testimonial

Mary is a gifted practitioner who is deeply knowledgable about oriental medicine and acupuncture.  I went to her suffering from several ailments and within several sessions, the symptoms of each were nearly entirely alleviated.  Her office is beautiful and comfortable.  I would recommend Mary to anyone seeking an acupuncturist.

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J’s Testimonial

Hi Mary,
You are on the right track about the circulations and my legs.

Since the treatment my legs feel more solid and stronger.

Thanks so much for you help and caring,

Love and Joy,
Santa Barbara, CA