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KC’s Testimonial

Bought this service to help boost my weight loss as I had run into a stall. Not really knowing much about light therapy I came in hoping I might lose a few pounds and tighten some loose skin around my stomach. Mary gives you a packet guide and tells you to detox and diet in combination with the light therapy to help boost weightloss. I did not do this part of the plan, I have been doing the Keto/Paleo Diet and just stuck with that as keto is a form of detox as well. Light
therapy surpassed my expectations and I lost a total of 8lbs in just three sessions! My skin not only tightened but I lost 2 inches off my waist! I love how my skin feels, it’s so soft and you definitely have a glow after. The private rooms are relaxing and the warmth from the pads on you make it great for relaxing in the winter. Mary makes you feel comfortable and taken care of. Definitely will be coming back for more sessions in the future!

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