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Rules To Optimize Treatment Results


Patient instructions for best results


1.     Eat lightly and drink water

A minimum of 64 ounces of water per day will flush the fat from your system. Divide your body weight by 2 and this is the number of ounces you should be drinking. Stay hydrated before your treatment and after! The light is attracted to well- hydrated cells.

2.     Food limitations

Eat only a light meal or nothing 2 hours before or after your scheduled appointment.

3.     Wear comfortable clothing.

4.     Do cardio following treatment

Burn 350 calories following your treatment: walking, jogging, stair master, etc. This will burn the fat exactly where you want to! Contour Light is the best personal trainer you’ll ever hire! We generally recommend use of a full body vibration plate followed by an energetic cardio workout. The average fat loss is between 40 and 60 Grams which translates into 300 to 500 calories that need to be worked off to maximize your results. The exercise does not have to follow immediately but could be done later the same day

5.     Follow a low fat and low carb diet

6.     Avoid alcohol

Alcohol turns into fat and will work against this treatment and will lessen your results. For best results refrain from alcohol the day before, as well.

7.    Decrease Caffeine

Caffeine will dehydrate you which will decrease your results. Only drink the caffeine you need in the morning to avoid the “caffeine headache”. Completely eliminate caffeine if possible.

8.     The small print

Our recommended plan is an initial treatment plan of at least 9-15 visits to get the results as seen in the before and after pictures. If your response to the treatment is favorable, you will have an opportunity to purchase more visits at a discounted rate.


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