MP’s Testimonial

Mary, Although I did not know you for a long period of time, I wanted to thank you

for your kind, superior care. You restored my belief in holistic

medical treatment. Thank you!  MP, Orange County, CA

MD’s Testimonial

After a year of consistent acupuncture treatments and conversations with Dr. Mees, I have noticed that my anxiety has decreased, I am a happier person, and I have successfully avoided several illnesses that have been passed around my home and office. I highly recommend Dr. Mees if you are looking to improve your life in any capacity. Thanks, MD

A.T.’s Testimonial

I wanted to tell you that my hip feels 100% better.  Thank you.

KC’s Testimonial

My treatment yesterday did absolute wonders for me! What a difference I feel! Thank you sooooooo much!!  -KC, Santa Barbara, cA